Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goodbye Beach, Hello Alabama

This was our last morning at the beach. We had saved our old bread to feed to the birds, but they didn't like the bread. They are picky birds and must prefer salty snacks. We did spend some time walking the beach and looking for shells one last time. My four favorite people at my favorite place.
I truly never get tired of the beach. I love it so. I can't believe he will be 2 the next time we will be back, how is that even possible.

He wasn't feeling the beach this morning, his suit was rubbing and he just wanted to swim. Cooper will be 4 next time he runs his toes through the sand.

The hardest part for me is that Baylor will be 7 on our next trip to the beach! How can he be 7?

After the beach we went to the pool and swam until 11:00.

There were several tricks the boys wanted to do 1 more time before leaving. Please just one more time is a favorite phrase.

Swim little fish.

Cute feet.

Once Sarah woke up she came and swam with the boys. Mimi left for the airport too and there were tears all around.

Coop had fun swimming with Sarah.

We stopped for gas and got Taco Bell to eat in the car. Everyone was hungry. He fell asleep as soon as he ate his lunch. Thankfully he slept for a few hours.

Coop started asking if we were in Alabama at the gas station and asked no less than five hundred times on the 9 hour trip.

Our car was loaded down, it was a good thing I shipped a big box at FedEx.

We got to Mammaw and Pappaw's new house around 9:00 pm. We were all happy to see them and to be out of the car.

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d_freestone said...

I was sad to have you say "Good Bye" to the beach, too! It was like we didn't see each other at all! As your mom said, "There is always next year!" By then we HOPE to have our projects done and over with! You and the boys looked darling the night of the 4th....can't wait to see the pix that Mimi took of you all at sunset!