Thursday, July 28, 2011

Night on the Boat

We had planned to go to the zoo for Jazz night but it was so hot we didn't think it would be that fun. Tom suggested spending the night on the water and we were all excited to cool off. We had fun with Tony's family and Kelly's cute kids. Baylor had a great time with Jake and Noah.
Mojo is my favorite dog and Parker was really intrigued by her life vest. He kept trying to pick her up.

He was so proud of himself whenever he petted her.

I had fun floating with Parker and talking to Tanya. The water was so nice.

Tom thought this was relaxing after another crazy travel week. We miss him when he is gone.

Parker loved the water tonight.

Coop didn't play with the younger kids he liked staying with Bailey and Olivia. He loves Bailey.

He also loves Mojo.

She seriously is the best dog and loves being on the boat.

Bailey is going to be a 7th graders and is so sweet. Coop loved cuddling with her on our boat ride. She is such a cutie!

The boys played on the tube the entire night and had the best time.

Jumping in the water!

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