Friday, July 22, 2011

Bike Parade 2011

Getting ready to start the parade.
The kids were all so excited!

And were off, Tom led the pack on the electric scooter. He is a big kid.

Coop wanted to keep up with the big kids.

Lynley rode with Parker for the parade.

Gigi got tired on the way back and her Mama rode her scooter, look at her moves.

Eli let Caylee ride with him.

The leaders of the pack.

Maddy had a rainbow bike.

Addi had a Wiggles bike.

Jack led the middle of the pack with his flag.

Go Coop!

We always have fun together.

Andrea, me, Nicole, and Jamie.

After the parade all the kids got leis and bubble wands.

The bubbles were a hit.

Andi helped Parker.

Maddy and Baylor!

Parker and Sydney. She was givign him rides in Eli's wagon and he was laughing.

Andi brought her photo booth from vacation, it was fun.

So thankful for these two!

Sysilly and Nicole.

Maddy and Gigi are so adorable.

Kim and Nicole.

Lots of dads, I wonder who's watching the kids?

They picked a shady spot to sit, Drew was happy he snagged a Sprite.

Handsome Eli.

Cute sisters.

I tried to get pictures of all the kids with their modes of transportation when they arrived. Here's sweet Caylee on her power wheel.

Gigi with her princess scooter. It was so cute!

Maddy and her rainbow bike.

Baylor with his red, white, and blue bike.

Coop couldn't wait to get started.

The Brown girls came as Christmas in July.

Lots of fun colors and baloons.

Looking good.

Love the antlers and the red nose.

We had pizza, breadsticks, fruit and veggies for dinner. After the parade we had ice cream cake which was perfect since they were all so hot. I also ordered these cookies from my neighbor. They were so cute and so delicious.

I think this may be a new summer tradition. The boys asked if we could do it again the next night. All of the kids had fun and loved playing even though it was super hot outside! They all looked so cute in the parade, what a fun night!

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