Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breakfast at the Park

Mama has been wanting to go on a picnic so we went for breakfast. She was at Mimi's house this morning so they picked up McDonald's and we met them at the park by our house. We went early since it was another hot summer day. We ate breakfast in the shelter and then the boys played.
They thought breakfast at the park was fun.

As soon as he ate he was off.

Mama had fun watching the boys play and enjoying the nice day.

Cooper likes it when I bounce him on this.

This is such a nice playground right across the street from our houses. What a special place, we love it because it's never crowded.

They had a great morning and were sweating by the time we left. Parker kept saying "hot" and "juice" over and over.

These blondies liked being pushed together on the tire swing. Talk about wearing a Mom out, quite a load to push.

Parker kept sitting next to Mama.

The boys had a race with Mimi before we left. After the park we headed to the car wash, library, and then grocery before coming home to play and then nap.

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