Friday, July 15, 2011

Chickens in Charge

After Conner Prairie we were able to check another item off our summer list.
We stopped at the Snow Shack in Fishers for snow cones. I love snow cones and was just as excited as the boys.

They put a gumball or ice cream at the bottom of your snow cone, the boys picked gumballs.

It was a hard decision to pick our flavors, there were so many choices!

It was hot and we were all sweaty from Conner Prairie so this was the perfect treat.

He was happy to get out of his stroller and it was nice to walk in the shade.

Checking out the hen house.

They got to pet the baby chickens.

We rode the tram over to the new Civil War area where the hen house is, we were excited to check out all of the changes.

We had a class at Conner Prairie today all about chickens. The boys made two crafts, sang songs, danced, read books, gathered real eggs and visited the hen house. This may be Baylor's last Prairie Tykes class because school starts August 10. He has been coming to these classes since he was 2. He's going to miss Miss Mary.

We told Cooper that when Bubby is in school he will come to class by himself and he said he'll wait until Baylor gets home from school and then come. How sweet, he's really going to miss Baylor. Yes, Cooper is wearing his swim suit! He had a little accident at Bible School and didn't make it inside from being outside in time and all I had in the car was a swim suit. At least there's a new splash park at Conner Prairie so some other kids were in suits too.

They loved the clucking chicken craft they made.

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