Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boating with Friends

Before summer started our bible study group made a list of activities we wanted to do together with our families. We planned an adult boat day back in May and today was the day. After weeks without rain we were almost rained out. It started to get dark on our way to Geist and then it was a downpour. We checked the radar though and Tom thought we would have a big window after the current cell passed. While it wasn't sunny it was still warm and the water felt great. It was also a lot less crowded on the water.
Jamie, Sarah, and me went tubing together.

It was fun and Tom was nice to us.

We had a great time together. We also swam and relaxed in the water.

After boating we met Carl and Nicole at dinner at Bella Vita. She couldn't go boating since baby Kate is due so soon but we were happy they met us to eat. It was a great night to eat outside. They both looked great compared to the rest of us who had been on the water.

Austin and Jamie.


Sarah and Tommy.

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