Thursday, July 7, 2011


He's saying cheese although it may look like he's crying. We started the day with breakfast on the porch again today. Daddy and Pappaw made pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and toast. It was all delicious.
The boys played on the swingset for a bit.

Baylor caught two fish right away off the dock this morning. Daddy and Pappaw took the boys out fishing on the fishing boat this morning and they were so happy.

Then we packed lunch and got ready to head out for the day. Coop couldn't wait to get out on the tube.

He was ready to go.

It was another beautiful day.

We went to Dare Park today and anchored the boat and then played on the beach area. It was a perfect spot.

The water is so pretty.

We all had fun and enjoyed the spot.

The beach was so clean and the water is so clear.

Coop had fun playing with all of the water games.

Just chilling.

He had a shovel today. So glad we brought this tube today because he couldn't swim at all in his life vest.

I did manage to lay on the raft for a bit. He would throw the ball to me or sit with me.

Of course there was more water fun.

They loved it.

A great spot to take it all in.

We ate our lunch at the perfect spot in the shade with the boat in the background.

The neighbor's dog TBone always comes over and the boys love to pet him. They were so excited that he came back tonight.

After dinner we took the boys back outside to fish off the dock.

They were happy.

Can you tell?

Park went too but he sat in his stroller on the dock with Mommy.

Fun times.

Before going in for the night the boys did a few sparklers.

They had fun.

At nap time Pappaw and Baylor made a chocolate cake from scratch. After dinner tonight they made the icing and then iced the cake.

The finished product. It was tasty!

All clean.

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Love the new blog design, AND you are on Kelly's Korner. You are practically famous!! :o)