Saturday, July 16, 2011

Family Boat Day

On Saturday morning we all slept in and ate breakfast at home which was really nice. We worked around the house and got things put back together in the bedroom after the new carpet was put down.
After getting everything done we headed to Geist for an afternoon and evening of fun on the water. It was hot and a great day to spend time in and on the water.

We had to pick up our tube at Kelly's house and then we anchored in his cove and swam and played.

The boys loved jumping off the back of the boat.

The water felt great.

Park liked sitting on the back of the boat and splashing his feet.

He likes to be our captain.

The tube is fun to be on in the water.

Park liked riding around with Daddy.

The boys love the boat.

Baylor's gotten really good at diving.

Coop loves to jump.

He loved looking for ducks.

Kelly's daughter, Bailey, went out tubing with the boys and they had so much fun with her. She is such a sweet girl.

We ordered Puccini's and picked it up on the boat and then ate out on the water.

It was fun to do carry out by boat.

The pizza was delicious.

He was acting silly.

After dinner Baylor tried out the new wake board. He was so excited and nervous. He really did great and almost got up a few times. Tom really is great at teaching him and is so patient. It's neat to watch him teach the boys something he loves doing.

Cooper got to try out Tom's surfboard. He laid down on his tummy and held on to the rope.

He was so proud and had a great time. We came in right at dark and went to Dippin Dots for a treat before heading home. We had a great family boat day.

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