Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baylor's Busy Day

Baylor had a jam packed day on Wednesday. He had stayed up late the night before and spent the night with Mimi. They got up early on Wednesday morning and drove to Conner Prairie to see the Gingerbread Houses. He had not been yet this year and really wanted to go. Mimi called me on the way there and said she forgot the camera and Baylor told her just use your phone, but her phone does not take pictures. He was so funny about it. He loved the houses and his favorite was the amusement park. They also played in the discovery area and did a few Christmas crafts. They ate lunch on the way back home and then Mimi dropped him off at his friend's house for a birthday party. He had a great time at Lily's house and was sweating when Mimi picked him up. She brought him back home for a rest before he went to the food pantry.

He loves to help at the food pantry with Mimi but school nights are hard but tonight worked out perfect. He was in charge of the Christmas hams and carried the heavy boxes so they could pass them out. He also passed out candy canes and candy to every person that came. They had 61 families and did not get home until almost 10:00.
He helped Miss Brenda and Sharmin.

Praying before they start for the clients that come to the food pantry. I think it is so good for him to go and work at the food pantry. He always likes to talk about what happened there afterwards and when he went to bed he wanted to pray for the people that went to the food pantry too.

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