Friday, December 9, 2011

Cooper's Preschool Christmas Program

Friday night was Cooper's preschool program. He has been counting down the days and couldn't wait until he did it for "real".

He was a wiseman this year, but preferred to be called a king.
King Cooper is what he wanted us to call him.

He looked very regal in his purple, "pink", robe. He wanted the blue one, but he was a good sport about his color.

The kids all looked so cute. His class had a role in the Nativity play, the Primary class were different animals, and the Toddler class were the angels. They were so sweet!

When he found us. How sweet is that!

Looking good buddy.

He did a great job singing and smiling.

He took is role very seriously.

The kings all handed a gift to Mary and she "carefully" threw them in the manger.

So sweet, praying.

The sweetest Nativity.

He was proud. When he went to bed he told me, " I did good didn't I mom".

This is our fifth year at a preschool Christmas pageant and I love it every year.

Great Job King Cooper!

At the end they took of their costumes and sang a few fun Christmas songs. I loved when he sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" with his cup of hot cocoa.

Our family.

Mommy and Daddy with our star.

Baylor and Cooper.

Mammaw and Pappaw with Cooper.

Mimi and Pop with Cooper.

Miss Sarah and Cooper.

He kept asking her to ask her mom is she could come to his program. She surprised him and he was so happy to see her.

Cooper got a special ornament to remember his play from Mimi. The other boys got an ornament too and they all got a Sock Monkey.

Mammaw and Pappaw got the boys a musical instrument. Cooper got a guitar and he was thrilled. Parker got a little piano and Baylor got a singing microphone.

Rocking it out.

Cooper and Mrs. Steele. He loves her!

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