Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yuletide Tradition

Tonight is a great holiday tradition in our family.

Every year my Grandparents take our whole family to eat and then to see Yuletide Celebration. We have been for over 25 years together as a family and it is always one of my favorite holiday traditions.

We ate dinner at Buca before the show and had a great meal. I love going there with a big group because you can try so many different appetizers and entrees. It was all delicious!

It's always a fun night with family.

The rule is you get to go when you are 5 and in kindergarten. This was Baylor's second year to go with the whole family.

Tom and I enjoyed the night with our big boy. It's fun to give him our undivided attention.

He had a great time!

Baylor sat in between us and it was fun to watch him enjoy the show.

We got to see Willow the reindeer before the show.

We waited after the show to see Joe. We were all proud of him and enjoyed seeing him in the show.

It was a fun night with those I love!:)

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