Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at Mimi's House

After opening presents at our house we headed to Mimi and Pop's house for more Christmas fun!
Parker found his own broom and dustpan right away and was so excited. He was so happy!

We took Baxter with us and Mimi wanted to hold him. He slept on the couch between Mimi and Pop.

Parker also got a blue stroller, he was excited.

Star Wars volcano set looked so cool and he wanted to open it right away.

Coop got new spiderman jammies and wanted to put them on right away.

Pop and Baxter.

I helped Parker open his presents.

I got new clothes, a purse, a coat, and some cute things for the house.

We love having Uncle Joe at home.

Mimi had appetizers for us to eat since we were eating a late lunch at Mama and Papa's house. It was all tasty.

Baylor loved all of his gifts. He was so excited.

Coop the trash man.

Clean up in the hall.

He added Mickey and Minnie to his stroller.

He was worn out from his big morning.

Uncle Joe with his stocking items.

Tom got a Ninja food processor, clothes, and a 2 night stay at Great Wolf Lodge.

Rock n Roll Elmo, yeah!!!

We got Mimi a Kindle Fire. She was excited and happy Joe is still home to set it all up.

Baylor loves Uncle Joe.

Dinosaur Legos.

Cooper loved his Spiderman remote control car.

Uncle Joe got a new coat.

Mimi may end up liking dogs after all.

Baxter took another nap in his bed.

We had a great time at Mimi's house and we were all super spoiled! Thanks Mimi and Pop!

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Tami said...

Jessie! It's so fun to check out your blog and see what you and your sweet family are up to. Jamie filled me in a bit, and it sounds like things are great! The kids are so big. And there are no words to describe the cuteness of that puppy. Priceless! I really hope that one of these times we come out here, we can arrange to get together! I'm sure Paul would like to see Baylor. He hangs Baylor's glitter stocking ornament on our tree every year, but I know he doesn't really remember. . . they were only 2. So it's time for a reunion. :-) Love to you and your guys!