Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cooper's Preschool Christmas Party

Baylor got out of school last week but Cooper had to go until today. Today was his Christmas party at school. I was in charge of the party and he was excited for all of the things we had planned. This kids made a wooden manger scene ornament and colored it with markers and then used glitter glue. They also made a foam tree and added stickers and more glitter glue.
They worked hard on their ornaments.

He loves school this year and always talks about his friends.

We played three different games and the kids rotated in groups. I wasn't sure about the nutcracker relay game with this group but Cooper wanted to use the real nutcracker.

I helped with this game and once again it was a favorite. They loved cracking the walnut.

They also played nutcracker ring toss and then had to throw Christmas beanie babies into the dancing elf hats. They all had fun.

For snack they had juice, tree ice cream, cookies, and orange slices. They were all happy with snack.

I thought this bulletin board was super cute.

Cooper and Mrs. Steele.

Cooper and Mrs. Moody.

The kids all got a little nutcracker and a nutcracker activity book. They all had fun at their Christmas party and did great!

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