Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meeting Baxter

On Saturday morning we told the boys we had an important work meeting and Miss Sarah stayed with them while we left.

We got to meet Baxter and we are in love!

He is so sweet and soft. He loved for us to pet him and was great around the other pups and dogs.

It's hard to believe in one week he will be home with us forever! It has been so hard keeping this secret from the boys, I'm dying to tell them.

Look at that face, he's adorable!

It was neat to see his brothers and sisters too. They were all playing together.

I know life with three boys and a puppy is going to be CRAZY but I can't lie, I'm excited for him to come home!

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d_freestone said...

Baxter is adorable! What kind of doggie is he? What will you do with him when you come to Florida?!?!?