Monday, December 19, 2011

Crafts and Cookies

Happy Christmas Week!
I can't believe Christmas is only 6 days away. Since Baylor is out of school all week I wanted to try to do as many fun Christmas activities as we could and make this week fun and special. This morning I invited my bible study group and their kids over to do crafts and make cookies.

We started the morning with breakfast. Cooper was so excited when he came downstairs this morning and saw the juice boxes and chocolate milk set up on the counter. He was saying PARTY and dancing.

Tom went to the Sweet Shoppe in Greenfield for me this morning and I made two breakfast casseroles. We also had fruit and a few other sweet treats.

The kids were all excited and had so much fun together.

There were 6 moms today and 16 kids ranging in age from 1 to 6th grade. We will be adding some new babies to our group over the upcoming year and I am so excited! We missed some of the girls in our group who had to work today or had other plans.

We only have two girls in the group but there are lots of handsome boys!

I mean is he cute or what!

They all really enjoy playing together.

We gave the kids a few minutes to play while we cleaned up breakfast and got ready for crafts. I had a reindeer bar set up and I called a few kids over at a time. The ingredients for the reindeer food consisted of...

Cocoa, Santa's favorite drink.

Fluffer Puffs, to fluff the reindeer coats.

Fortifier, to give energy.

Flying Powder, to help reach the desired altitude.

Gold Glitter, to make their coats sparkle and shine.

Frost bites, a sweet treat that gives energy.

The real ingredients were quik, marshmallows, oats, flour, glitter, and sugar.

I had little jars that the kids could fill and then sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve for Santa's reindeer.

This was by far his favorite part!

The loved using the little measuring spoons.

While I helped with reindeer food the kids decorated wooden ornaments and foam crafts.

There are some serious crafters in the group.

The glitter glue was a big hit once again.

Miss Elena colored too. She did great!

The kids all did a good job and had fun crafting together.

Lots of smiles.

Such a sweetie.

I'm glad he's on Christmas break.


I had 30 jars ready and I think he filled 10. He loved this! It was his very favorite part of the morning.

We had a quick clean up session and then it was on to cookie decorating.

I had already baked the cookies and had them ready to decorate. I had red and green icing and lots of sprinkles for the kids to use.

All of the kids got to decorate several cookies that they could take home to share with their families.

Some used icing in moderation while others made icing towers.

The squeeze icing was a hit just like the glitter glue.

They could also use red and green M&Ms.

It was sugar central! He was a huge mess and kept saying more "ice" for icing. He was busy licking his knife.

It was a sweet morning with great friends!

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Nicole said...

all those donuts make even ME happy! :)

cheers for awesome christmas cheer.