Wednesday, September 24, 2008

60 Years

Mama and Papa having a great time at Katie's wedding.
On September 18, Mama and Papa celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. What an amazing milestone in their lives. I feel so fortunate to still have all of my grandparents and that my children are able to have them too. Mama and Papa have always been so special to me and I have so many happy memories with them over the years. Mama has always been so kind and caring and I loved going to her house. Every summer I would spend everyday with her at the pool. Even now we love to go and swim and just hang out at her house. She makes the most delicious lemonade and Baylor loves to eat her popsicles. Baylor calls Mama "good ole gal" and he loves it when she goes along on shopping adventures. When I was a little girl I loved to play beauty shop with Papa. I would alwasy brush his hair and put cream on his feet and hands. Those memories are still so fresh in my mind today. Papa enjoys spending time with the boys too. I can only hope that Tom and I are fortunate enough to have so many years together.

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