Friday, September 26, 2008

Conner Prairie, Apples Apples

The tractor ride was wonderful on a perfect autumn day.
Today we had a prairie tykes class at Conner Prairie. We have really loved going to these classes over the past few months. Baylor has been able to do such neat stuff, gather eggs from the chicken coop, go on an ox cart ride, plant a garden, ride in a horse drawn wagon, etc. This week the class was on apples. First we went on a John Deere tractor ride in a two tier wagon. This was the highlight for Baylor. The tractor took us around the prairie and we looked for apple trees. In the classroom we dried apples, painted, read a story, and had an apple snack. Baylor really had a great time. While I went to class with Baylor, Mimi walked around the prairie with Cooper. He enjoyed the wonderful fall weather and ended up falling asleep in his stroller. It was a perfect autumn day. Baylor wanted to know if we could get an apple tree or orchard at our house. Sounds like a great idea. He would love to be a farm boy. It was a great day.

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