Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pretend Birthday

Cooper's first birthday gifts.
Baylor can't wait to open his presents.

Baylor and Cooper love Mama and Papa.

Baylor and his super hero cake.

Yesterday we had a little party for Baylor and Cooper with Mama and Papa. They leave for Florida for the month of October on Wednesday and they wanted to celebrate with the boys. Baylor called it his "pretend birthday". We had pizza and cake. Baylor loved his superhero cake and didn't want Cooper to open any presents. I am not sure he likes the idea of sharing the birthday spotlight. Baylor loved his presents. He got a Lightning McQueen sleeping bag, a DVD, and a Build a Bear gift card. The funniest present was a shoebox that happened to be his by mistake. It was actually for a church project but he thought it was a treasure box. He loved the little girl hair clips and the peppermints. It was so cute. Cooper got a new toy and some Robeez. He was excited to practice blowing out his candles and singing Happy Birthday. Baylor really loves Mama and Papa and is sad they are going to be gone for so long. We had a fun night.

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