Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Day At The Orchard

"Mom can we take all these pumpkins home"
Baylor and Cooper sitting in the apple orchard.

What a cute baby in the swing.

Baylor loves to jump off the hay pile.

After preschool we went to the orchard with Mimi. It was a beautiful fall day. We had the entire play area at the orchard to ourselves and Baylor had a great time. He loved jumping off the huge hay pile and hanging out in the corn houses. Cooper enjoyed swinging and watching his brother move from each area. The pumpkins at the orchard are enormous this year. Baylor picked out a huge one and we walked through the patch looking for a perfect one for when we come back with Daddy. We also walked down the rows of apple trees and Baylor was amazed by how many they have. Baylor said he would like to live on a farm like this one day, but only if Mommy, Daddy and Cooper could come too. How sweet. I always want to be with my little boys.

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