Monday, March 30, 2009

Flushed Away

This net works great.
Right after the drop.
Goodbye little fish, may you find your friends!

After three weeks of being fed intermittently by Tom while we were on vacation Baylor's three little fish from the school carnival were doing swimmingly well. That is until yesterday they were all alive and thriving. When we got home last night and looked in the mini tank we noticed the littlest one was floating so peacefully on the top. He had already lost his tail to one of his fellow mates. Let's just say Baylor didn't take the whole thing too well. If he wouldn't have been right there I may have tried to cover the whole incident but it was too hard. After a while he came to terms with the death of his fish and wanted to be the one to get it out with the net and flush him. He was excited about dropping him in and watching him gone down the chute. I think Baylor thinks he comes back to life because he said now he can swim with his friends like Nemo. The mind of a child.

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megan elizabeth said...

This is so sad. They survived so long! I hope you are having fun being home. I miss you all!