Friday, March 13, 2009

Sand Creation and an Older Girl

Mommy and Baylor at dinner.
Our sand alligator.

Look at all those teeth.
Making sand soup.

It's hard work getting water in your bucket.

The beach was filled with fun today. Baylor is always asking for Mimi and I to build him things in the sand. Let's just say my art skills are not very good at the beach either, but today I did build something great. I guess you can decide if I really made this alligator. Baylor loved it and was dying to sit on him and crawl all over the creature. We had fun playing in the waves again and we were busy looking for treasure. In the pool Baylor had fun playing with two older kids today. Ever since he was a little boy he made friends with older kids. The summer he was two he played with two fourteen year old boys for two weeks. Well today the boy was twelve and the girl was seven. The brother kept telling Baylor his sister thought he was cute. Baylor was clueless but she really liked him. If only she could watch some of his four year old behaviors. They were so nice to him and played with him the whole time he was at the pool. Cooper played with a huge beach ball the whole time at the pool and was so sad when the kids left and took the ball with them. Cooper's new favorite words to say over and over are ball, boat, and bird. Tonight we went to St. Armands and ate and shopped. It was so nice tonight and lots of fun.

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The Gambrel Family said...

I love the sand creation-very impressive! Have a great time!