Friday, March 27, 2009

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

Cooper was a big help when it was time to pack!!!

Baylor made Daddy some notes and couldn't wait to give them to him when we got home.
We missed you Daddy!

We are home! After a short delay of an hour at the airport we were off on our on way home. The boys were busy on the plane and Baylor's ears were really bothering him for the last thirty minutes. I really felt bad for him, he was crying and kept saying how much it hurt. Luckily when we were on the ground they started to feel better for him. Both boys were excited to see daddy and Baylor is cuddled up next to Tom watching a movie right now. Cooper was busy looking all around the house when he got home. I think he was trying to remember where everything was in the house. While we love the beach house we always love to come to home sweet home. ( I do wish it was warmer here and the beach was closer, oh well one can dream.)

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