Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friend Day

Mr. Sunshine

Looking for treasure.
All three boys had the same trunks.

Cooking away.

So tired!

Baylor has been playing with a little boy at the beach all week named Xavier. It took Baylor a little while to get his name down he was calling him Savior. Well today was the boys last day so he played with Baylor the whole time at the beach. They had fun working in the kitchen and making delicious treats for us to eat. Cooper was a little left out and they didn't want the little baby playing with them. I tried to keep Coop out but I felt bad for him, he wants to be a part of the action. It really works best when it is just Baylor and Cooper because they play pretty well together and Baylor realizes he is a baby and is pretty accommodating. We went to the pool to swim and wait for Uncle Joe to get here. Baylor keeps saying he hears the car and can't wait to see Joe Joe. He is so excited. Cooper was so tired from his morning out he fell asleep at lunch with a popsicle in his hand. I was able to unstrap him and lay him on the floor and he is still sound asleep.


Libby said...

aww! I love the sleepy pic!

indypotters said...

Baylor and Cooper are very lucky. I think they have had more popsicles this trip than Maddy and Drew have had in their life!:) My kids are really missing out in the good things in life....but don't tell them!:) The ocean looks so beautiful! Hope you enjoy your last week!!