Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day and Night

Cooper loved eating outside and looking at all the people walk by.
Waiting for our table.

So in love!

The boys use the popsicle sticks for knives in the kitchen.

He was looking for dolphins. They were swimming out front this morning when Coop and I went on a walk.

Swimming in the tube.
Cooper had fun throwing in the ring and sticks.

The sun was back out today and it was a gorgeous beach day. It was very crowded on the beach today and was a great day for people watching. Some people are amazing. I went on two long walks today first with Coop and then with Baylor. It was nice to spend time with them one on one. We worked in the kitchen again today and were making some tasty treats. The pool was fun today and the kids loved playing with the other children. Baylor had fun using a tube. Uncle Joe is so much fun in the water and Baylor loves him so much. Megan came this afternoon and we were so excited to see her again. Tonight we went back to the new pizza place on St. Armands and walked around the stores one more time. My favorite shoe store is there and they have so many cute sandals. It was a great night.

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Libby said...

Great post! Love the pics !