Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Painting, Pigs, and Peter Cottontail

Getting to work on his egg.
Checking out the work of Jackson Pollack.
Coloring an Easter egg.
Trying to splatter the paint on the colorful egg.
The budding artists at snack time.

So happy to visit the pigs.

His piggies are by far my favorite part of the pig trip.

The life of a pig.

He sat on his lap a few times.
Just close enough to reach the sucker.
I think I will sit right here to enjoy my treat.

Today at art class Miss Anna introduced a new artist, Jackson Pollack. The kids talked about action words and the types of techniques he used for his work. They looked at paintings of his and then got to work. It was a messy art day right up Baylor's alley. They made paper mache eggs that turned out great. They first glued colored tissue paper, then splatter painted, and added glitter. They are so beautiful. They had lots of fun. After art we went shopping with Mimi and stopped at the pig farm by our house on the way. Ever since Baylor was little he has loved looking at the pigs. It was finally warm enough to pull in the drive and open the doors and let both boys talk to the pigs. It is quite stinky but they both love it when we visit. The pigs come right to the fence and we sing and talk to them. Too funny! The farmer was out feeding the pigs and we told him we were just visiting, he said to come any time. At the mall we stopped to see Peter Cottontail. Baylor and Mimi sang the song for him and we talked to him for a long time. We were his only visitors so he was able to give us lots of attention. Cooper did not want to get too close but did want to make sure he got suckers from the basket. He was very happy with the treats from the bunny.

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