Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Open

This is so good!

We love Frosty Boy!

He had a grip on this cone and would not let it go.

Frosty Boy opened yesterday and we couldn't wait to go for the first time of the season. Today before nap, I loaded the boys in the car for a little treat. They were both excited to get a cone. Since it is still way too cold to eat outside they had to eat the cones in their car seats. They both did great. Cooper loved the ice cream and kept making noises the whole way home. He would not let go of his cone until he finished the entire thing. I love when Frosty Boy opens each year, another sign that spring and summer are around the corner.


Jen F. said...

I'm cracking up because as soon as I saw your blog title, I new EXACTLY what you were referring to! We're dying to go too, and this post just made it even harder to resist!!!

indypotters said...

No way!! I have to go now. I have been waiting for Frosty Boy to open! Can't wait!

Libby said...

Little man is to cute with that cone!

megan elizabeth said...

Jessie! I am sooooo jealous! I have been wearing my Frosty Boy sweatshirt because it has been so cold here. I am wishing and thinking about the day where I will be able to go back to Frosty Boy. Love you!!