Friday, March 20, 2009

Pizza Pizza

Baylor loves Mimi!Cooper loves to eat pizza.

A lesson in pizza making.
What fun to watch.

This ice cream is so yummy!

After a fun day in the sun we headed to St.Armands to try a new Italian restaurant. It is such a cute place and has a great place to watch the pizza being made. Baylor loved watching the chef roll and throw the dough. Our waiter was so nice to the boys and even gave Baylor a pizza making lesson. He let Baylor throw the dough and showed him how to stretch it out. Baylor had so much fun. Our waiter also brought the boys superman gelatto and Cooper was so excited. When his was gone he was ready to cry and was asking for more. The nice waiter brought his a scoop to go and he was so happy. We will definitely go back for more delicious pizza again.

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megan elizabeth said...

Love the outfits! They are adorable. This looks like alot of fun!