Monday, March 9, 2009

Home Away From Home

The water is a little chilly, but still fun to play and run.
Look at the beach baby!

Two little water babies.

He loves shells with butter.

Cooper was so tired he fell asleep while eating in his high chair.

What an eventful day today. We made it to our little house on Siesta Key. It truly feels like my home away from home. I have been coming here since I was a baby, really before I was born, and it is my favorite place in the world. Nothing compares to the white sand, gulf breeze, beautiful waves, and the list goes on and on. We had a direct flight and both boys did great the whole way. Cooper slept most of the way and Baylor kept Mimi busy going through his rocket suitcase. He has had it packed for five days and has been sleeping with it until we left. After unpacking we headed to the pool and the beach. Cooper is going to be quite busy at the pool. The tube does not hold him up as well as it did with Baylor at this age and he has no fear. He kept wanting to climb in and out of the pool. Baylor seemed to remember just what to do and was diving down in the water within minutes. It was a beautiful sunny day around 80 degrees. We went on a walk on the beach and Cooper sat in his beach stroller. It was delivered right on time and is brand new. We went to eat and Demetrios and everything was delicious. Baylor kept saying "I can't believe we are finally here". He really is my little beach boy. He loves it as much as I do. After dinner we went to the grocery and then headed home. What a great day. We are excited to head out to the beach and then the pool in the morning. We are excited because Megan is coming tomorrow for a visit and spending the night. We are all anxious to see her. Yeah.


Lindsey said...

I didn't realize you could post comments on here!?! Looks like you are having a blast in FL. Wish I was there ;) Enjoy!

Sarah said...

Baylor looks sooo old!! I'm soo jealous right now, im super excited to come on Spring Break!! Tell Baylor and Coop i said hi!!