Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sand + Water = Pools of Fun

He loves the waves.
He was busy digging.

Our first hole.
Dig, dig, dig.

They both have a hard time keeping their hats on, but we keep putting them back on again and again.

At the beach today Baylor wanted me to dig big "pools" or holes by the ocean. The boys then filled the holes with water and played in the holes for a really long time. They had so much fun today. Cooper worked so hard getting water and carrying the full bucket to the hole. He didn't want help and was determined to dump the water on his own. There were so many pelicans at the beach today and Cooper was so busy trying to quack at them. He quacks at all birds, it is so funny. After a long day at the beach we went to the pool and swam before nap time. They both really enjoyed our long day of play outside. It was another gorgeous day!

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Libby said...

Love the beach pix!