Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Baylor is going to be our little athlete. He is always trying to jump, run, or roll around. His new favorite thing is to be a super hero and jump to new heights. We wear our super hero cape whenever we can. Well our care group went to an Indians game and Baylor wanted to play in the game. We went over it before we left that we were just going to watch but he was persistent. He kept asking let's see if I can play. When we got to the game he asked the ticket taker if he could play, but he did not like the answer. Who knows maybe Baylor will play baseball one day. Cooper enjoyed crawling around on the blankets and trying to get Maddy and Andrew's shoes. Maddy and Baylor played with a ball and bat behind the grass. We only lost the ball 3 times.

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