Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Daddy and Baylor carve a pumpkin in fiesta.
Baylor and Daddy making a gingerbread house in fiesta.

Baylor making Christmas cookies in his fiesta.

I know that most kids have a favorite item that they like to sleep with or keep with them at night. For Baylor that would be his fiesta shirt. Baylor wears his fiesta and underwear for nap and bed so he has it on for a large part of everyday. He accumulated one shirt after VBS in 2006. Since then he obtained 3 more. However, some of the shirts now have holes and are nearing the end of their t-shirt life. Mimi is ordering him 12 more from the screen printers. He is so excited. There is no need to buy any pajamas for Baylor because he will only wear fiesta. Looking back at our pictures for the year, Baylor is wearing his fiesta for all the special family events. Here are some from the past year.

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