Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Happy 13th Birthday Sarah!
Jenny and Ethan, Shanna and Mia, Me and Parker.
All the great grandkids.
It's hard to get six kids five and under to all look at the same time.
Mimi, Katie, and Parker. Parker is excited about baby McDaniel!
Parker posing with Mia, cracks me up:)
Jenny and Dave's sweet babes.
We wish Dave and his family lived closer.
Sarah had helpers when it was time to blow out the candles.
Chris and Tom talked about football and watched the preseason game on T.V.
Pop with the babes, Dave, and Mama.
Pop loves babies.
They all got to sit with the birthday girl and were quite happy.
Katie and Mia.
These two are on the move. Ethan is a super fast crawler and is cruising on the furniture like crazy.
Baylor loves Sarah so much.
Pop and Parker.
Sarah and Coop played the piano.
BMan before church. He went early with Daddy since it was his Sunday to usher.
Last night he pushed himself up from the crawling to sitting position and is now doing it again and again.
He likes to show Parker how to crawl, his demonstrations are hilarious!
Today we celebrated Sarah's 13th birthday. Tomorrow Beanie turns 13 years old, and it makes me feel kind of old. She is such a sweet young lady who loves my boys and is so nice to them. She is a beautiful girl on the inside and out! After church we went to Aunt Von's house for lunch and to celebrate Sarah. It was a special day because David, Shanna, Eva, and Mia were in town for a wedding and were all able to come. We had not met sweet Mia yet so it was so exciting. The girls are so cute and super sweet. It was so nice to have so many of the cousins together and have the family together. We missed Joe and Andy! The boys were busy playing and had so much fun with Sarah. All the kids followed her everywhere today. We love you Sarah and wish you a Happy Birthday and a wonderful year!

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