Friday, August 13, 2010

Michael Jackson

What a fun night.
Three of the girls in our group couldn't come and we missed them.
The handsome husbands:)
Sweet baby.
I love him.
They were having some interesting conversations hence the finger symbols. You had to be there to get it.
It felt really nice outside.
Tom gave Carl his birthday present and he was excited. He is doing the Richard Petty driving experience at the track.
Jamie's sister and her family were there with work and we got to visit with sweet Ava. Parker thought she was cute! She is a doll!

I have been loving my bible study group and the ladies that are in the group. We are currently doing Beth Moore Breaking Free and I love it! We decided to plan a fun night and invite the husbands. We all went to Symphony on the Prairie and had a great great time. It happened to be Michael Jackson night on the date that worked best for everyone. While we are by no means die hard fun it was a great show and the songs were so much fun. It has been so hot, I feel like I keep repeating this statement over and over, but it rained on the way and thundered a bit which really cooled it off. There was even a nice breeze while we ate. We all brought items for our picnic and we had so much food. There was a Michael Jackson impersonator that sang and really sounded good. We went to the stage area to watch him dance moves up close. It was so much fun. Parker was the only child in our group that went and he was an angel baby again. He enjoyed the music and was so good. It was a really fun night with great friends and wonderful music.

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