Tuesday, August 10, 2010

End of Summer Celebration

Yeehaw Cowboy!
Giddy up horsie.
They love the carousel.
Mimi read Baylor some dinosaur books.
Parker was taking it all in.
They love to play with the dinosaurs.
He's really good at the matching game.
He loved the microphones in the sound booth. Imagine that anything loud is right up his alley!
You could dress up like a rock star and then perfrom on the stage.


I can't believe today is the last day before school starts! Summer always goes by too quickly but it has flown by this year. We decided to go to the Children's Museum today to celebrate our great summer. The boys had so much fun and loved going to the museum. We haven't been in a while and they wanted to try and do it all. It was so nice to be inside too! We went to the new exhibit, Rock Stars, Cars, and Guitars, first and then to lots of our favorites. We did the dinosaurs, trains, science works, and carousel area. Mimi renewed her membership too so I'm sure we will be going lots especially when it starts to get cooler. The boys each got a John Deere set in the gift shop from Mimi before we left. They had a great day!

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