Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cats and Dogs

Baylor and Katie at lunch.
Can you tell he's happy to be with her?
I can't believe Katie is going to be in first grade and Baylor will be in kindergarten.
The crew.
All the kids with their Mama and Mimi.
We saw Cats and Dogs in 3D.
Ready for the show.
I brought all the kids little cat cuddlies since we were seeing "Cats and Dogs". They were excited.
We basically had the whole theatre to ourselves, gotta love going during the day.

We had a special day today. Mimi, the boys, and I met Sandy, Katie and Nick at MCL for lunch and then we went to the movies to go see "Cats and Dogs". We were definitely the loudest table in MCL, it generally draws the older crowd, and probably provided entertainment to several tables. The kids all love to eat there and always eat great and much healthier. Katie and Nick have a new baby brother that will be two weeks old tomorrow and is just precious. Their mommy, Lindsey, has been having blood pressure issues since delivery and went back to the hospital but thankfully is home now and doing much better. We have all been praying for her and their whole family. It was nice to be able to do something fun with the kids today. They are the sweetest kids and my boys are smitten with Katie and think Nick is quite fun. Baylor wanted to sit by Katie at lunch and the movie. The kids all enjoyed the movie and thought it was great. I'm sure it will be a "real" blockbuster hit:) Parker sat with his pal, Mimi, and slept through the entire movie. On such a hot day the movie was the perfect place to spend time with friends.

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