Friday, August 20, 2010

The Little Brothers

Chef Coop
Playing together.
He was playing peek a boo and was having a great time.
Coop looks skinny next to him:)
We got out some baby toys that we had saved and all the boys are quite happy. Parker loves them and thinks it is oh so fun. He is now saying Mama and calls me, it is too cute.
Since school has started the two little brothers have enjoyed their time together in the morning. Cooper is a great independent player and Parker doesn't argue with him so it makes for a really nice morning:) Parker is becoming more fun to play with and Cooper has been so sweet with him. Since Parker can sit up and get to toys Cooper is much more interested. He is a good big brother too. It's funny because depending on the circumstance he can be a big boy or one of the little brothers. That's the beauty of being the middle child:) While we miss our bubby in the morning we are definitely enjoying some quiet time together. We have been reading, building, playing, and getting lots of work done around the house. Cooper is getting good at folding clothes too, gotta train them early.

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