Friday, August 27, 2010

Backyard Camping

Hot dogs cooked over a fire always taste better:)
Paul Bunyon made sure we had wood for our camp fire.
He was so excited to camp.
I didn't think he would make it all night but he did great!
He loved hanging out with everyone!
I love these two boys!
The weather was just right.
Ready to hike.
They did great staying away from the fire and listening. I was so proud of them.
Having a tasty "smoe".
Coop wasn't too sure of his "smoe", he opted for a plain chocolate bar instead. Imagine that!
Aunt Annie brought Katie and Cody by for a smore and to take a hike with the boys and Uncle Tom.
Isn't this what every camper looks like when they are headed to bed for the night?
All snuggled in! These boys are so lucky to have such a great Daddy.

Baylor has been begging to sleep in a tent. Tom has thought about taking him camping and we decided a trial run in our backyard might be a good idea. Tom and the boys set up the tent in the backyard the night before and got it all ready. The tent was Tom's when he was a boy so it was a little out of shape but worked great. We set up a little area in the back and Tom cooked us hot dogs and smores over the fire. The boys had fun going on "hikes" and "Indian trails" in the woods. They were both so excited. Cooper kept asking over and over if we were going to camp out. We all stayed outside until bed time and then Parker and I headed in for the night. Everyone got ready for bed and then I zipped up the boys in the tent. They were giddy with excitement. I was texting Tom while they were in there and Coop was asleep within ten minutes and Baylor didn't last too much longer before he was out for the night. Tom said the bugs were quite busy at the ugly bug ball and they also heard an owl. The boys slept great but Daddy said the tent was a little crowded:) Cooper slept until 8:45 the next morning. They went for a hike in the morning with Daddy and then we all ate breakfast on the porch. Our backyard is really the perfect spot to "camp" and feel like you are secluded. They have been asking to camp again every day.

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d_freestone said...

GREAT JOB TOM!!!! The boys looked tickled pink to be "camping". You did a great job with the fire pit! Jessie is so right, they are most lucky to have a Daddy like you!