Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Party and Uncle Joe is Home!

Chris and Tom shared a chair and Chris was ready to feed him some yummy baby food:).
The birthday girl.
Baylor with two of his favorite people.
Pop and Park.
Ethan was busy getting everything off the fireplace. He is super fast!
Happy Birthday!
The boys had the same thoughts about more pictures.
He loves Sarah.
Being boys.
Sweet sisters.
Uncle Joe brought the boys toy Indians on horses. They were so excited and so happy they were wrapped with a bow.
Cuddling with Uncle Joe.
Coop had fun with Joe Joe.
What a great uncle.
After nap the boys were excited to get ready and head to Mimi's to see Uncle Joe. They have been missing him terrible and could not wait for him to be home. Baylor said if this is his home why is he never here, so sad! Uncle Joe was only home for ten hours but we sure did love having him here. We all got to see him for a little bit and then all headed to Uncle Mike's house for Jenny and Uncle Jeff's birthday party. Uncle Mike made "losagna", green beans, bread, and salad. We also had cake, ice cream, and a yummy cheesecake made by Adam. Ethan is crawling and cruising like crazy and the big boys had so much fun with him. They were all playing on the floor together. Those boys are going to have so much fun together. We had fun celebrating birthdays tonight. Afterwards we can home and got the boys showered and ready for bed and then went back to Mimi's house to spend a little more time with Joe. He had brought the boys home a present and they played with him. We love our Uncle Joe!

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