Saturday, May 9, 2009

Soccer and Mother's Day

The soccer star!
Go team!

Coop spent his time at the game petting this cute dog.

End of the game pep talk from Coach Potter.
Playing on the swing set.
What a busy day we have had today. It started out with a soccer game and the weather was actually a little chilly and quite breezy. The sun was shining at times but I was glad it was only an hour game and was ready to get in the car for some warmth. Baylor's team did great today. They stayed with the ball and played more aggressively. We even scored 4 goals, yeah. Baylor did a good job, but I do think he prefers hanging out on the bench with his dad. After soccer we headed to Mammaw and Pappaw's house for Mother's Day. The lunch was tasty and the kids once again enjoyed time together. They were all a muddy mess from playing on the swing set. They even spent some time fishing with the dads but they did not have much luck. It was a nice day and everyone had a great time.

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