Friday, May 8, 2009

Preschool Graduation

We love you Baylor and are so proud of you!!!
Baylor with Mama and Papa.

He loves his Mimi and Pop.
Mammaw and Pappaw came to watch the great show.

Baylor with his favorite friend from school.
The stars of the program.

Singing I'm in the Lord's Army.

Getting his diploma.
Coop sat with Pop and listened to all the songs.

Tonight was Baylor's preschool graduation. The kids put on a wonderful program and sang lots of cute songs. Baylor was right in the front and sang his little heart out. He did a great job with all the motions and you could tell he was having a great time. His special song was I'm in the Lord's Army. He also received a special preschool diploma. He truly loves going to preschool and enjoys being with his friends and great teachers. I am so glad he will be there for one more year. We love you Baylor and are so proud of you!!!!

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