Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Final Art Class and Picnic

Enjoying a nice yummy lunch.

Trying to push Trinity.

Baylor and Drew
Hi Cooper and Maddy!
Baylor and Emma.
The group.
Working on his self portrait.
The finished masterpiece. I bet you can't guess which part is actually him.
Great Job Maddy!
Getting a good look before starting to paint.

Today was our final art class. Miss Anna reviewed all the artists and the kids remembered many of their names. They looked at examples of self portraits and then did their own. Baylor had quite the self portrait, too funny. After art all the artists came to pu house for a picnic and to play. The weather was beautiful and great for eating outside. The kids had so much fun playing outside. A few novice drivers were a little scary on the gator and truck but no one got hurt. We are going to miss Anna, Emma, and Ethan when they move to Texas. They are so special. It was a fun day and a great way to end am awesome year of art!

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