Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kitchen Back In Business

What a nice night.

I love these boys!
Our little family.
Waiting to eat dinner.
The kitchen is open for lunch.
What a water baby.
Hanging out in the shade.

This morning Daddy dug a great hole at the beach to set up shop for Baylor's kitchen. The boys had fun playing and made us lots of tasty treats. Baylor and Daddy had fun in the ocean, the waves were huge today. They had fun playing ball and letting the waves crash the ball back and forth. Cooper was quite the daredevil at the pool today and wanted to put his whole head in the water. They both had fun playing in the pool with Daddy. Tonight we went to JoTo a delicious Japanese steak house in the village. Tom loves Japanese and we were excited to go for dinner. Both boys ate great and Cooper kept asking for more rice. The chef was so entertaining and was so nice to Baylor. After dinner we went to the beach for a walk and let the boys play in the sand. It was a great day and we are ready for another fun day tomorrow.

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Libby said...

Oh I love the beach pictures! To cute how the guys match!