Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Butterfly Boys

After we took Baylor and Maddy to school this morning we went and picked up Mimi and headed to the outlet mall. We needed to switch some shoe sizes and did a little shopping. We got back home before nap time and the boys were excited to play outside. It was a beautiful day!
We saw lots of butterflies so Coop and Parker were anxious to get the butterfly house out. Pop got the house and nets for the boys last year and they love them.

They were able to catch several.

The buttlerflies love these purple flowers but so do the bees so we have to be careful.

Cooper did a great job.

Somehow they all survived too.

Baylor had baseball practice tonight and the little boys got to back outside and play and catch more butterflies. This picture of Parker makes him look so old!

Coop makes sure he closes the house so they don't escape.


He's looking so much older to me!

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