Friday, September 2, 2011


I'm linking up again for Insta-Friday. How is it Friday already? I'm excited though because it's a long weekend!!!!

life rearranged

This morning we were all up early and helped Daddy get the boat all ready for the weekend.

Baylor can officially now swing himself. He was so pumped. He can go so high.
Coop even had time to ride his bike before we left. He is so proud that he can put his helmet on all by himself.

We are all packed up and ready.

We are staying at a cabin this weekend and the boys are excited. Coop says I've never stayed in a cabin this is so exciting.

After flag football practice I met Daddy and Baylor at DQ for dinner. I left practice early and made one more trip to Meijer for a few last minute items.

Is there anything better than new jammies and nice and clean kids ready to snuggle before bed?

An ice cream treat.

Daddy texted me this picture on Wednesday to let me know the jeep had arrived. He was so excited. He's been so stressed lately this was a good thing for him.

He loves to play peek a boo.

Boot camp is still going on but he hasn't made it to his bed. I'm not sure when he will but he is going to sleep quickly without me and he sleeps all night. Progress I tell ya!

We do homework as soon as Baylor gets home. I had chocolate chip cookies waiting for him and he was so excited.

We were at the grocery and he was melting down but a few M&M's and an Icee and he was good to go again.

Sleeping with his pal.

A boy and his dog.

Yes, it's plastic but we're working our way up. One day he'll have a real dog, one day.

They've played so well this week.

Breakfast time!


The Morris Family said...

you gotcha a group of mighty handsome little fellows!!!!

thanks for letting me stop by!!!

Lauren said...

The picture of your son in new jammies is just adorable! I am a visitor from Life Arranged. Have a great weekend.