Thursday, September 8, 2011

With the Boys

Here are some pictures from the weekend. We had a great time together. We love spending time with our boys. I love this picture. My four most favorite boys in the whole world.
Mommy and Baylor.

The boys loved playing on the big front porch. Coop was the photographer and he wanted me to do lots of different poses. This was my be an angel pose. Baylor showed me what to do.

Mommy and Park in the water.

Coop and Mommy.

We were just driving around and Baylor came next to me and snuggled up. He said I love you and just sat next to me, melt my heart.

He even wanted to hold my hand. I love him.

These pictures make me sad to think those may have been our last boat days of the season. The weather this week is chilly. I was ready for cooler weather, but not like this!!!!

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