Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dale Hollow Lake

Saturday was a beautiful day at Dale Hollow Lake. It was sunny and hot, perfect weather for boating on a lovely lake. We woke up and headed to breakfast at the lodge and then got on the water.
First up was wake boarding. Baylor has been working and the water there was so calm so he was ready.

The water is so clear!

Cooper wanted to wake board too but his feet are still too small. He gave it a try though. He's a tough little guy who wants to be just like his bubby.

Baylor surfed too.

Coop loves being on the surf board.

They have loved all of our time on the water this summer.

We anchored in a perfect spot and swam and played in the water. Baylor and I swam over to the shore to look for any special rocks or pieces of wood.

Parker took a nap in his seat.

Daddy got him all set up with a shaded spot.

He loves to kick and splash off the back of the boat.

He call this raft his boat and Daddy takes him for a ride.

Coop calls it his little pool.

Captain P.

He likes to stand up and check himself out in the mirror.

The ladder is a favorite spot.

It's so cute to watch Parker kick and swim.

We went in for a nap and then came back out in the evening and stayed on the water until sunset. It was a gorgeous night.

He was cheering for his brother while he was wake boarding. He kept yelling that's awesome, he is Baylor's biggest fan.

Baylor did great and stayed up for a long time.

After he got up the first time and stayed up Tom jumped in the water and was cheering for him. Baylor was so excited and Tom was so proud.

After boating we all got ready for dinner and went to the restaurant. It was packed but we looked around the store and we got a table. The boys loved riding in this boat while we were waiting.

The boys got ice cream with their dinner and he picked Superman ice cream.

The chef came to our table with his guitar and played The Wheels on the Bus for the boys. They were clapping and singing. He was so nice to the boys.

This was the boys in the car on Friday night. They finally gave in and slept part of the way. It was a long drive and we were all glad when we made it to our cabin.

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