Friday, September 23, 2011


Today was the reason we decided to go to Vegas in the first place. Earlier in the summer Tom was flying on a trip and saw an advertisement for a few performances Garth Brooks would be putting on at the Wynn in Las Vegas. He has always wanted to see Garth in concert and so we planned our trip around this event.
Tom was so excited!

We ate dinner at Stratta at the Wynn before the show and it was so delicious! The restaurant was packed and it was a fun atmosphere and we both loved our meal.

After the show we walked around the hotel and casino. It is so pretty and we looked in some of the shops. I must say I was disappointed with the shopping in Vegas. It's all so high end, fun to look but not much to buy.

We were in the balcony in the first row right in the center. The show was amazing! Tom smiled the entire time. Garth sang for 2 hours and 15 minutes and it was only him on stage with a guitar. He talked about his life and the music that shaped him as an artist. He sang songs that he listened to as a kid, music from heroes, and then lots of his own music. It was a wonderful night!!!!

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