Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cooper's First Day of Preschool

Today was Cooper's first day of preschool.
He was excited to go to his school. He couldn't wait to wear his new tennis shoes and use his new backpack.

He's in the PreK class this year and will go on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

He wanted a Lightning McQueen backpack.

He got to open his back to school present from Mommy and Daddy this morning. He got some new Lightning McQueen books. He was really excited.

Mommy with her favorite preschooler.

Daddy and Coop.

He was all smiles in the drop off line today. He was excited to see his friends and there were no tears!

Mrs. Steele and Cooper.

After school we went to Mimi's house and she had a prize for the big preschooler. He told Mimi he had a great day and was a good boy at school

We let Cooper pick where we went for lunch today. He wanted dumplings so we ate at Cracker Barrel. There was a lady that fell in the parking lot and we helped her and I stayed with her until the ambulance came. I felt so bad for her, she bumped her head and was having a hard time opening her eyes. She said they were robbed last night and were going to Loew's to get a new door and eating lunch before. The manager came to our table and thanked us for being good samaritans and said our lunch was on him. Cooper was really worried about the lady.

He got an award for having a great day.

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The Gambrel Family said...

Yay Coop! We hope you have a great school year! You are such a cutie Coop!