Saturday, September 24, 2011

Last Day in Vegas

Our last night in Vegas!

During the day we relaxed at the pool again. I actually finished two books almost three while I was there. It rained for a little today at lunch time but we grabbed lunch and by the time we were done the sun was back out.
We really enjoyed staying at the Cosmopolitan.

We went to the Bellagio for dinner and to see O. We walked there and it was so pretty at night.

The show was amazing.

It didn't start until 10:00 pm which is 1:00am home time so it was a late night for us again.

Our hotel was very modern and fun and had these high heels all around.

I loved the pink one!

I did play a few penny slots and only played with $20 the whole time. I ended up with $42.75 so not bad.

We ate dinner at Yellowtail Japanese Steakhouse and it was so delicious!!! I loved my meal. Afterwards we walked around the shops at the Bellagio.

More high end shopping.

There were actually lots of people buying in Louis Vuitton. One purse I looked at was 4,500!

The Bellagio is decorated beautifully for Fall.

The boys would have loved it!

The big apple tree came to life and did a little show. It was a wonderful last night in Vegas!

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