Friday, September 23, 2011


life rearranged

I'm linking up for InstaFriday again. Since we were gone part of the week lots of these came from text messages from home while we were away.

This week we were supposed to take a picture of something we hate. Here is mine without a doubt, I hate folding laundry. However it was so nice to come home to clean laundry! Mimi and Miss Sarah had all of the laundry done and all I had to do was ours from Vegas!

I also think I have a new hate relationship with box tops. I signed up to be on the box top comm. for PTO this year. There are three of us who have to cut, count, and sort the labels for the school. I had to get it done before I left and I worked one night after everyone was in bed for 3 1/2 hours. It took forever! I have a new appreciation for parents who cut along the dotted line before sending them in.
Us in the taxi on the way to the airport. We texted this to the boys to let them know we were coming home!

On Saturday Mimi, Pop, and Joe took Baylor and Cooper to see Lion King. Parker stayed with Miss Sarah and he was beat. He did so good at Mimi's house at night but was tired!

Parker loves Miss Sarah.

Moochi, my new favorite dessert.

The lobby of our hotel.

Peyton Cole was crowned Riley Queen. I babysat her before she was even one and I loved her so much! She taught me so much about loving babies without even knowing. I got this picture in an email and was so proud! She is such a beautiful young lady on the inside and out!


The lobby at our hotel.

Baylor writes his bonus word three times just in case he makes a mistake.

Tom was in L.A. so I had to take the littles with me to Baylor's baseball. The longest hour of my life!!!!

Coop ran the bases.

Baylor is always making something in his room. Here is his parachute and its test launch.

My costume came.

He loved Rosie's farm.

Had our first Mops meeting of the year. We had close to 60 ladies. I am a DGL again this year and Life is my table. Andrea and I are in charge of hospitality and we made all of the centerpieces. I was glad to get them all out of the house.

Parker loves apples!

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